The following are the 63 constitutional articles of the Constitution of Medina drafted by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) after 622 AD. Download in PDF or download to your Kindle or Nook Book.

Article 1 Constitutional Document
This is a constitutional document given by Muhammad (Peace be upon them), the prophet, (Messenger of God).

Article 2 Constitutional Subjects of the State
(This shall be a pact) between the Muslims of Quraysh, the people of Yathrib (the Citizens of Madina) and those who shall follow them and become attached to them (politically) and fight along with them. (All these communities shall be the constitutional subjects of the state.)

Article 3 Formation of the Constitutional Nationality
The aforementioned communities shall formulate a Constitutional Unity as distinct from (other) people.

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The Constitution of Medina is the first Constitution of democracy in the history of constitutional rule. Its principles were also based on the Qur’an and sunnah. Equipped with these principles the Prophet managed to establish the first Islamic state, which included people of multi-religious and several cultural backgrounds in an ummah wahidah (one nation) based on universal principles that constituted the Charter or as it is commonly known the ‘Constitution of Medina’. Read the rest of this entry »

The Constitution of Madinah or the Charter of Madinah is the constitution of first Islamic State in the city of Madinah which brought an end to around 100 years’ old bitter inter-tribal fighting between the two tribes of Aws and Khazraj within Madinah. The historians further agree on the fact that this Constitution established the following in Madinah:

  • peace and security of the community,
  • religious freedom for all the community-members,
  • acceptance of Madinah as a sacred place (i.e. barring all violence and weapons),
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There have been several books and articles written on the first written constitution of madina. The following is a start of a collection on books and articles written in English. If there are any books missing do not hesitate to submit the title to us to be added.

There have been several books written on the actual historic and most significant document of the modern day as well as various comparisons and affects of this document to the wider world.

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