The Constitution of Madinah or the Charter of Madinah is the constitution of first Islamic State in the city of Madinah which brought an end to around 100 years’ old bitter inter-tribal fighting between the two tribes of Aws and Khazraj within Madinah. The historians further agree on the fact that this Constitution established the following in Madinah:

  • peace and security of the community,
  • religious freedom for all the community-members,
  • acceptance of Madinah as a sacred place (i.e. barring all violence and weapons),
  • security of women,
  • stable inter-tribal relations,
  • parameters for exogenous political alliances,
  • a system for granting protection of individuals,
  • a judicial system for resolving disputes,
  • a regulated system for the paying of Blood-money.

Contrary to the commonly leveled allegations on Islam, the history proves the fact that Islam promotes peace, freedom & equality irrespective of the race, religion or any other basis. The allegations of oppression, injustice, racism, discrimination on Islam are based on lack of knowledge and hence have no sound footings.


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