Constitutional Articles

There are 63 constitutional articles of the Constitution of Madina. Some of the articles have been listed below:

Article 1. Constitutional Document
This is a constitutional document given by Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Prophet, Messenger of God

Article 17. Prohibition of killing of a Muslim by a Muslim
A believer shall not kill (another) believer (in retaliation) for an unbeliever, nor help an unbeliever against a believer

Article 20. Non-Muslim minorities (Jews) have the same right of life protection (like Muslims)
A Jew, who obeys us (the state) shall enjoys the same right of life protection (as the believers do), so long as they (the believers) are not wronged by him, (the Jews), and he does not help (others) against them

Article 30. Guarantee of freedom of religion for both the Muslims and non-Muslim minorities (the Jews)
The Jews of Banu Awf (non-Muslim minorities) shall be considered a community along with the believers. They shall be guaranteed the right of religious freedom along with the Muslims. The right shall be conferred on their associates as well as themselves except those who are guilty of oppression or the violators of treaties. They will bring evil only on themselves and their family

Article 43. Responsibility of Unlawful Killing
Whoever commits an unlawful killing shall be responsible for it himself with his family members but he is exempted in case he kills a cruel. Verily, Allah (is the Trust Helper) support thosewho adhere completely to this constitution

Article 62. All peaceful citizens would be in a save and secure protection
Verily, whoever goes out (on a military expedition) shall be provided with security and whoever stays in Madina shall have (likewise), except those who commit oppression and violate the contents of this constitution

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